• mzsuzy

The Surprising Arrival of 12!

So I guess once again my husband won the bet when on April 12th, during a winter storm advisory, our second litter of 12 pups came into this world! We are very blessed and excited to have a full house once again. Cora had began her labor early Friday morning and after waiting and expecting pups all week I was somewhat startled to wake u and hear crying in her whelping pen. All day we waited and kept counting. when she reached number 11 we were sure it was her last but once again a litter of 12. As always Cora is an excellent mother caring for them, feeding them, keeping them snuggled up and warm, better than we humans can.

The number 12 is a master number, a number of God, and one that carries a divine message. The number 12 is one of faith and purpose, a number to inspire you to take action. The number 12 also represents the presence of Angels around you.



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