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The "Post Office" Man

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Cora, like most Labradors "Loves " attention. Loves any interaction between us and her. She adores bike rides and car rides. But most of all she loves the post office. We live about 3 blocks from the post office so it's a great reason to get me out of the house for her daily walk even on the coldest days.

There is an old man we see there almost every time we go. He's usually standing and visiting with the post man. He sees her in the window while I collect the mail from our PO box. She stands stock still watching him waiting as he pulls out a dog treat from his pocket to show her through the window. We then must not leave without opening the door connecting the two offices to collect her treat, a few kind words and a pat on the head.

We chat with the postmaster and Cora sniffs the man's pockets until he finally relents and gives her another treat. It's a weekly occurrence. Since she has met the man with the treats , Everybody at the post office is her best friend. She sniffs at everybody's pockets hoping for a snack using her best "I'm a cute hungry puppy" face. On the days that we don't see him there we almost can't leave because shes running around looking for him. I think i might start bringing my own treats along to give her on the times he isn't there.


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