• mzsuzy

Puppys On The Way!

Updated: Mar 21, 2019


Its been a little over four weeks since we brought Cora back from my cousin's who owns the great Boomer. (Daddy to all Cora's Beautiful Pup's). All this time She had been slowly gaining weight with the extra feeding and consideration I was giving her. At four weeks she began experiencing some morning sickness and suddenly refused the food she once gobbled. Though I was feeling bad for her I knew it was a good sign that she was right on track for an April 8th due date. With time, some eggs, homemade yogurt and coaxing she is now eating again. Realizing I still couldn't be certain she wasn't just having a false pregnancy I Scheduled a blood test to confirm. Good News! The test came back positive!! The vets say she is in perfect health and is well on her way to a nice big litter of healthy pups!



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