• mzsuzy

Now For The Count Down!

Cora is nearing the "Due Date finish line". Her belly is still growing though it seems impossible for her to grow larger. It's tradition in the Rule house hold to guess the number of puppy's we think will be born each litter. Her last litter was a large litter of 12. Though we both can be competitive about winning I believe I have to admit (although grudgingly) 😁 that my husband's guess was much closer than mine with his at 10 and mine at 7. That was our last litter anyway.

Now it's time for this litter's official Guessing!

My Husband Jared's guess is 11.

My guess is 8.

May the best dog parent win!👍


Here we are with all last litter's 12 puppy's my husband is doing his best to keep them in line while they continue to squirm away!

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